Bloki is an online platform, empowering social housing inhabitants to take active part in design process of communist block house renovation.



real-time texturing


As a result of the economic changes of the socialist period and the decree “one flat per family”, many standardizations were introduced in order to build new flats as efficiently as possible. Not only buildings but also entire estates were duplicated, following Corbusier's idea of architecture industrialization. The standardization of apartments and whole districts caused creation of neutral and unacceptable space. Today many cities in Post-Soviet states are struggling to change the image of irrelevant heritage, which accordingly to the technical research made by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction in Poland will last for at least another 100-120 years.


Speaking about the future of social houses I believe that we should preserve their biggest value- intermingling of social groups. By giving the power to individual we can democratise communist architecture and open up to new ideas. That’s why bloki is an online participatory system where every user can express their needs and visual preferences before the renovation process. It gives a possibility to apply a balocny extentions repreneting different architectural styles and ornamentations. The building becomes a manifestation of inhabitants preferences and a way of searching for the common trends.

CREATED BY: Bartosz Seifert

BA Graduation Project