The “Frankenstein” novel tells a story about an artificial life that wants to adapt to human society. For the Frankenstein year we translated the story into futuristic concept where human memories are being sold to emerging androids.


Already 181 corpses are cryogenically are preserved and waiting for technology to resusci-tate their bodies. One of the most asked question regarding this topic relates to saving brain's contents. We wonder if it's possible to preserve our personalities from vanishing. In addition to that the scientist are currently working and trying to source data form human brain. Many experiments like brain mapping have been already executed. After considering those facts we came across a scenario where it would be possible to only freeze human brains in order to sell the personalities to robots that want to assimilate with people.


The concept is going to be placed in the consumer/ supermarket context, therefore we are using a working chest freezer as a central element. There are three brains inside the freezer. Each brain is connected to another VR set by a cable. The VR sets are placed around the freezer, they are hanging from the ceiling. The experience uses filmed, 360 degrees videos. We decided to use three brains to represent the spectrum of personalities and to give a possibility of possessing the most fitting memories.

CREATED BY: Ieva Jakusa, Bartosz Seifert

Projected made for TwentseWelle museum for Frankenstein Year and for Robot Love exhibition at DDW 2018