An interactive experience placing the visitor in the control room of futuristic company selling brain scanners.


Research in neuroscience is advancing increadibly fast. First brain-computer interfaces are already on the market. Coming era of development can irreversibly change reality as we know, boosting our cognitive skills. We should start considering upon wich conditions are we going to welcome new implants in our body, especially when it comes to privacy...


Neurosecurity is an interactive experience where we can log into the system of a futuristic company producing brain implants using a special id card. The visitor is exposed to an incredibly vast dataset representing MRI brainscans of company users. He can look up for a specific user and sell his data to different organizations like insurance companies, police or marketing agencies.

CREATED BY: Bartosz Seifert

Project made “science-friction” minor program at Design Academy Eindhoven. Leading teacher Allard Roetering