Poseidon is an idea for a new search engine allowing to see what is recommended for other users about the same search. The project resulted in an alghoritm generating portraits of our google search activity.

portrait 1

portrait 2

portrait 3


"Filter bubble", a term coined by an activist Eli Pariser, “is a state of intellectual isolation that allegedly can result from personal searches when a website algorithm selectively guesses what information a user would like to see based on information about the user”. He believes that we all live in our unique universe of information and we suffer from focusing too much on relevance. What's more we can't see which content gets into our bubble and which gets edited out.


The idea of Poseidon search engine fluctuates between enhancing filter bubble and making it as transparent as possible. Having in mind that we stay anonymous we can see which recommendations are being made for other users about the same search. This solution intends to benefit the user rather than homogenous infrastructers providing internet services.

CREATED BY: Bartosz Seifert

Project made for Man and Communication department, leading techers Manuel Beltran and Boyd Rotgans